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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Select a Swing Set?

If you are not able to decide which playground equipment to buy for your park then we advise to select a wonderful swing set that runs high on fun factor. Kids can never get enough of swing sets. It’s really hard to explain how a child feels to be on it. There is a wide variety of options available in swing sets. Now the question arises how to select the right swing set for playground.

Swing sets are generally made up of different materials like metal, wood or aluminum. Before making the final call, ensure that the equipment you are opting for is made up of commercial grade material. It has to be dimensionally strong, sturdy and durable. The material used should not get degraded after a period of time.

Ensure that you are purchasing the equipment from an IPEMA certified manufacturer. It defines he provides only superior quality playground sets to the customers. Make sure the manufacturer has followed the guidelines defined by ASTM and CPSC while making the playground equipment. Check there are proper bars, railings and other anchors installed in the requisite places in the set.

While looking for the swing set, you would notice these are offered in two options; A frame and flat base. Select either of them as per the surface level of your community park. In case, you are purchasing swing set with flat base, install extender beams to make it stand firmly on the ground.

It would be great if you purchase the equipment from the store who also offers requisite swing set accessories to the customers.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Know About Recycled Rubber Mulch

Playgrounds usually have muddy and rough surface, which raises the risk of injury to kids. To keep them safe, an option is to install high quality surface mulch on the ground. It not only lowers rate of injury but also provides a clean and beautiful look to the playground. Out of all the surfaces, recycled rubber mulch is considered to be best for playgrounds.

As the name suggests, it is made of recycled rubber products. Used rubber material such as cycle tubes, van tires, rubber pipes and the like are thoroughly recycled. In this process, imperfections and other impurities get removed from the rubber. It further gets de-vulcanized and completely shredded to attain mulch.

This mulch has an edge over other playground surfacing options. Recycled rubber mulch has high absorbing tendency, therefore, can easily absorb the moisture to provide dry and non-slippery surface to kids. It provides the proper cushioning surface under the playground equipment and is impact resistant in nature.

You would be astonished to know the life expectancy of recycled rubber mulch is twice as long as other playground surfaces. Unlike regular mulch, it prevents the spread of rodent and growth of weed in the park. You can also clean this mulch easily with mild soap and water.

With so many benefits, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States also supports this rubber mulch surfacing option.

Monday, January 14, 2013

How to Keep Kids Safe on Playgrounds?

It becomes a daunting task for the parents to control their kids when they are in front of so many wonderful play sets in the playground. This raises the risk of getting injured on the playground. You must consider the following factors to be sure of your kids' safety in the park.

Quality of Playground Equipment

It is one of the most important factors that you must consider. Before making children play on any of the sets, ensure that it is made of commercial grade material. Make sure the play set has been constructed in adherence with the guidelines defined by ASTM and CPSC.


Keep a strict check on kids in the playground. Make sure they do not get involved in any unsafe activity while playing on the play equipment. Children goes beyond the safety line on equipment like dome climber. You must assist them when needed so that they do not hurt themselves.


Take your kids to the playground which has superior quality mulch on the ground or just under the playground equipment. Mulch allows reducing the rate of injury in the playground. Recycled rubber mulch emerged out to be the best among all. It provides proper cushioning surface and prevents the risk of getting injured due to falls.

Age Appropriate

There are different types of play sets installed in the park. Make sure your kid is playing on the set that is age appropriate for him. As it has now become imperative to categorize the play ground equipment as per the age brackets, you would easily identify the appropriate sets in the playground.

When Purchasing Outdoor Playground Equipment

Choosing the playground equipment from a wide variety of options often becomes quite a difficult task. If you are also planning to purchase play set for your community park then here is something for you. Below are certain factors that you must consider while looking for the play equipment.

There are various types of play sets like see saw, slides, dome climbers, swing sets etc. that run high on fun factor. Before picking on any one of them ensure that it is made of superior quality material, whether you are buying it online or directly from the shop. It should be sturdy, strong and can stand firmly on the ground for years on end.

Quality is another factor that you should consider. Playground Equipment should be constructed by the manufacturer as per the guidelines defined by ASTM and CPSC. Also, it would be a wise decision if you deal in purchasing the play set from IPEMA certified manufacturer. It is given to only those producers who sell commercial grade play equipment to their customers.

Do not neglect the safety of kids. Make sure all the safety measures have been followed while making the play sets. There should be proper bars, hinges, railings and other requisite anchors installed in different areas in the play equipment. In addition, you can also install recycled rubber mulch beneath the set to avoid injury from falls to children.

We hope that above mentioned points would help you out in choosing the right equipment for outdoor play grounds.