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Monday, July 22, 2013

How To Choose Playground Equipment For a Home?

We may never notice but children shape up their personalities while playing and there can be nothing better than playground equipment for ideal physical, social and mental training. It is quite natural for children to get tempted on seeing an object worth playing, but sometimes it becomes impossible for us to take our children out. Kids tend to become irritable when not given a chance to burn their energies.

In that case, indoor playground equipment can bring back the smile on your kid's face. However, there are some precautions to be followed while choosing the indoor counterparts. Kids are often unaware of the forthcoming danger when they are playing. So it becomes our duty to provide them with the best and safest equipment along with the fun factor intact.  One must always make sure that kids' play does not turn in to a nightmare hence the equipment must be chosen with great care.

Here we have listed some points to remember while buying equipment for a home.

The first thing to be kept in mind is the space. If you happen to have a limited area, never ever go for a giant piece. It will just block the ways and the risk of getting hurt increases.

Indoor playground equipment are generally similar to their outdoor counterparts, for instance you will get mazes, tunnels and interconnected pathways for both indoor and outdoor. Contemporary monkey bars, jungle gym and slides are visually more appealing and with these kids don't have to compromise on the fun quotient too. If you want an indoor gym equipment, there can be nothing better than a spider-wall.

While the outdoor ones are inspired more from adult games (basketball, football) and focus on body co-ordination; home equipment teach team work, resilience and are more full of curiosity.

Children's playground equipment are meant to be chosen wisely. While the right ones are fun and good source of learning, the unsafe ones may make you repent for rest of your life.

Advantages Of Commercial Playground Equipment

Commercial Playground Equipment have evidently brought children back to the playgrounds. Kids who spend much of their time in front of the television can't resist the temptation of being out there on the ground and have fun with their peers.

The commercial counterpart proved to be of greater importance on the conventional ones on account of being more creative visually and physically. In past one decade, commercial playground equipment have undergone huge makeovers. Gone are the days when one or two slides, a simple merry go round and tire swing were all a playground had. The contemporary equipment are made of a variety of material and are available in hundreds of shapes and colors. Not only are they delight to eyes, but they agitate every stimulus in kids.

Classically, woods were used in making park equipment. This had more chances of children getting cuts and scratches as they had splinters and were not very soft. The modern version is coated with soft synthetics. If kids fall they are less likely to get bruised.

It would sound like a cliché if I say that spending time outdoors is really good for children. Modernized playground equipment have not only brought children back to the parks, but they carry a lot of added advantages too. They are something more than just means of exercise. Over and over it has been said and observed that sharing, empathizing, competing with children of same age, later become an important part of an adult's personality.

Spider’s walls, swings, rotating nets and basketball hoops are not only games, they help children develop mentally and increases awareness about their surroundings.

Children's playground equipment provide platforms of learning while playing. Successful in captivating children's visual senses, they are the best ways of having healthy fun. The equipment let children spin, slide, balance, hang and climb.

Setting up an Indoor Playground

No doubt outdoor playground equipment is fun but one can’t deny the fact that the indoor counterparts are equally important. Who does not want his kids to have a healthy mind along with a healthy body? Hence kids' psyche must be properly understood for providing them with the right kind of playground equipment.

Some people are so much so in love with their childhood memories that they look forward to setting up an indoor playground center as a business venture. It may seem kids' fun but mind it, a commercial indoor playground center requires a whole lot of brain storming before taking a final shape. We have clubbed some points to consider before you finally give a go to your new venture.

Make up your mind for the size of your indoor playground center. The factory size varies according to the target age group. For instance, if you are planning a playground for 0 to 5 years kids, your factory could be as small as 400 square meter. If you are planning to have a factory for all age group, it needs a minimum area of 650 square meter. In terms of height, a toddler playground can be as high as 4-6 m while an all age group center may demand up to 7-10 m high space.

Once done with the space, the second most important factor is budget. On a frank note, nobody can provide you with a correct estimate. However, roughly it may cost around $500 per square meter. The prices may vary depending on the fitting. For a better idea, one may refer to a catalog to determine more accurate size versus cost ratio.

Look for a proper location, probably a lower economic growing area would do good as the number of children there is comparatively high. Do not forget to get a car park area too.

Cafeteria, toilets, party rooms and air conditioners are next crucial aspects. The cost of establishing the center should not reflect on the food you serve. The meal is ought to be tasty, good quality yet economic.

When you own a play center, you need to have a staff too. Make sure that the people you hire are polite and good to children. Also make sure that your indoor playground center is neat and clean. Nobody will leave their children to a place full of filth.

While designing your indoor playground make sure you pick up some really attractive equipment. Have more of skating space and make sure that you set up play systems in such a manner that parents can view their children directly.

Be happy, warm and friendly and we are sure your customers will repay you the same.

Keeping Children Hydrated On Playgrounds In Summer

Summer holidays, longer days, warmer temperatures, less tight schedules and the playground, this is what a perfect setting for children requires. Summers let families spend more time together playing outdoors. The importance of playing outdoor has been discussed over and over. Almost everyone knows that play is good for health, both mental and physical. Now we will consider some other important aspects of keeping fit while playing out in sun.

Playing outdoor does contribute a lot in shaping up your child's personality but continues exposure to UV rays in sun and getting dehydrated subconsciously may take a toll on your ward's health. As adults, it is our duty to make sure that our children hydrated and energized while out in sun.

Children often do not realize or ignore the urge of having water while playing. All they know is thirst, but by the time they feel thirsty, they already lose a lot of fluids. In this write-up, we have mentioned some tips to keep your children cool and hydrated on the playground.

  1. Do not forget to carry water along. Most of the parks and playgrounds do have drinking water facilities and fountains but it would be better not to rely on them totally. On an average, one must consume 12 ounces of water per hour. But if it is a sunny day, or your kid happens to be really active, take extra water with you.
  2. Resting in shade and taking breaks is another good idea of escaping from excess heat. Look for shaded areas on the playground or look for parks that have shaded play systems to keep your kids cooler during play.
  3. With so much of physical activity, children are likely to feel hungry. If you pack snacks along, try and take hydrating fruits like cucumbers, strawberries, watermelon, pears, oranges and apples. They are healthy, refreshing and full of fluids in comparison to potato chips and wafers.
  4. It is advisable to go to the playground when the sun is not overhead. Got to the playground before 10:00 am or after 4:00 pm.
  5. Last but not the least, always apply sun screen before stepping out in.
  6. Choose commercial playground equipment which has a sun shade.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Reasons why your Kid needs a Playground

In the words of George Bernard Shaw, 'We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing'. Truly said, playing is the quintessential activity that should be followed all through your life. During the early age, a person needs to involve into playing games and other activities not only for his physical development, but also for the emotional, social and personality  development.

Kids of 21st century are now more involved in spending time in front of the television, computer or playing video games. This has led to lethargy and other adverse health related symptoms in kids of a very young age. Every school premise has a playground or an open ground with all the equipment that helps a kid experience the fun of playing games outdoors.

But actually how helpful is an outdoor playground for kids?
  • Playground fosters a sense of companionship and instills a sense of team spirit among children.
  • Outdoor activities help children to become agile and develop their motor and sensory skills.
  • Promotes spiritual, moral and character development. Playing also develop health, cooperation and self-confidence of children.
  • Kids learn relationship building, self-control, negotiation and tolerance.
  • Enhances communication skills.
  • Removes tiredness, laziness, and promotes creativity, focus and concentration.
  • Physical exercises build up strong muscles and bones.
All these advantages are provided by playing outdoors. However, the only challenge is to get the kids on the playground. For such a problem, many parents have to push their kids to get involved into playing games outdoors. Therefore, manufacturers have created effective and alluring equipment for both normal and physically challenged kids to play and grow themselves.

Playground for kids include slides, swings, climbers, bench swings, sandboxes and sand diggers, spring riders, and more. The equipment is available at competitive prices and of superior quality for fun filled and developmental activities to be played by kids on the playground.

Things you need for Children's Playground

If a classroom restricts a kid from looking outside the window and daydreaming his fantasies and dreams, then all a kid needs to do is get outside the window, literally! Out on the ground with its friends and classmates, a child gets engaged in all sorts of physical activities. It interacts with others, form a deep bond with other friends and learn the techniques of interaction, communication skills, team spirit, self-discipline, and competition.

Playing games outside on the ground also contribute to a child's cognitive, physical, emotional, mental and social development. To achieve all these things from a tender age of childhood, many schools, parks and even houses have started to maintain an open ground or a backyard playground for their children. Setting up a children's playground, requires a proper planning. The foremost element to be concerned of is of the safety of children. A thorough examination of the playground equipment is to be made. Look out for sharp edges or if there is a possibility of children getting injured due to bad designing of the equipment. Also each equipment installed should withstand all weather conditions; be strong and durable; affordable and require low or no maintenance.

When it comes to buying such equipment, prefer plastic equipment which is eco-friendly. Following are the major 5 types of children's playground equipment:
  • Sliding Equipment
  • Spinning Equipment
  • Climbing Equipment
  • Hanging Equipment
  • Balancing Equipment
Along with these equipment, children would love to have various other things in their playground. These can be sand with which they make sandcastles or different structures; fountains; vegetation including flowers, trees and bushes; park benches and shelters under which they can rest and relax.

The above mentioned equipment and other elements will keep children engrossed in playing outdoors rather than spending time slouching on the sofa watching a TV or computer. The kids’ playground equipment is available in bright colors, designs and in various shapes to meet the needs of a school, park or a house. Keeping the plan and budget in mind, buy equipment and gift your child maximum enjoyment and a happy childhood.

Best Choice for Playground Equipment

Childhood is the best time of a person's life. This is the time which is devoid of any worries. You learn a lot about life and relations, stress free. This is the time to make friends, dream big and imagine a world of your own. Running around in open fields, swinging high and aiming for the skies, living various characters, and so much more a kid does in its childhood.

All these experiences of life not happen only in schools or at homes, but mostly on the playground. And a major contribution for kid's development begins right outside a classroom, on an open ground with all the swings, slides, climbers, etc. No matter how much the technology has advanced and has replaced board games, a playground will always be the first and foremost element for a kid's development and  will never lose out its place in a child's life.

Talking about playground, it has all the equipment to in-build benefits associated with them. While the traditional playground had equipment made of wooden or metal, the conventional ones have started using plastic playground equipment. High grade plastic, which is recyclable is used in designing swing sets, picnic tables, balance and seesaws, merry go rounds, playhouses, fun tubes, spring riders, climbers and many more.

The plastic equipment is made in attractive colors and is safe for kids. These are structured in a way that it becomes appropriate for usage by all kids-  both normal and physically challenged. The equipment is strong and durable and can take up any amount of weight. Placed outdoors, these withstand all weather conditions like strong sunshine, continual rains and even hailstorms. Why the use of plastic playground equipment has increased in today's world and being more preferred over wooden and metal is because the equipment is designed with strict attention to the laid industry standards and regulations, which make them even safer. Also plastic is 100% recyclable making these eco-friendly. These have a long lasting life and are mostly maintenance free.

Kids plastic play equipment is indeed the best alternative to other wooden or metal equipment which are slowly declining in the market. Finally, the reason or factor of installing plastic play equipment is the cost consideration. These are quite affordable and because they come in various colors, shapes, sizes and designs, you can easily use these for your playground and give your kid a beautiful childhood.

Why Playground Equipment Are Important?

Playground is the first place where children start working on their social skills. Here, they learn sharing and general behavior with their peers. Basic socializing is learned at a young age which is groomed and developed later on in life.

Playgrounds are a common place for children from different backgrounds and societies. They interact, communicate, empathize and share with each other while playing together. They get to face unfamiliar people, situations and learn to adapt to these changes and grow as an individual personality. This is also a good place to make friends out of classrooms.

Kids also enhance their imagination power while playing and use playground equipment as props of their fictional world. This translates to brain development. The next important thing is physical activity. While sitting back at home, kids hardly get a chance to burn their energies off; this body demand is met only through playing. Playground equipment cater to their need of jumping, running, hopping and crawling.

Children are innately attracted to swings and slides. Site of a park full of rides is enough to lure kids and ask you to stop the car. While kids learn to interact and socialize, they also learn ways of self-protection when exposed to unpredicted situations like jumping from a considerable height or coming down from a high slide. While in playground they develop self-confidence and a sense of competition which is an important part of an adult personality. Children also develop a sense of harmony with environment, peers, place and community.

Preschool playground equipment help in development of all the traits which children might require as adults. While there are so many positive attributes associated with playground and playground equipment, children are more likely to get hurt during outdoor activities, hence safety should be the prime priority.  No one can guarantee 100 percent safety however; adult supervision can minimize the risk. We must teach children the right way to play, so they don't end up hurting self and others.

Preschool Play Equipment for your Little Ones

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Jack goes to a preschool and spends equal time in learning and playing. Jack and other kids of his age attends a school to learn how to read and count, play with dough and paint, etc. Besides these indoor activities, kids enjoy the outdoor activities even more. The outdoor activities played on the playground are the core to their daily dose of learning as they learn how to behave in the social setting and also help them improve their hand-body coordination. Besides these, playground games and activities develop physical strength and imagination also.

A variety of preschool playground equipment is placed in a playground. They are Merry Go Rounds, Fun Tubes, Spring Riders, Balance and Seesaws, Swing-sets and many others. Simple and innovative-technology based equipment; these are designed with a proper structure and height. Talking about quality of equipment and the playground itself, it should never be compromised. It is the quality of the playground which would ascertain the safety of the children as well as the recreation value of the playground. It is only natural for the parents to ensure the safety of their children. This equipment are supposed to be child friendly and so a lot of emphasis is made on ensuring smooth edges and no sharp or rough edges. Special equipment for disabled kids are also designed so that these kids are not deprived of the joy of playing outdoors.

For a safe and exciting playground experience, a wide range of efficient products are provided by equipment suppliers that can be chosen from. They are Play Systems and Structures, Swings and Seats, Outdoor Park Furniture like benches, climbers, and picnic tables, and many other playground accessories give an overall fun.

All children are different. The kids’ playground equipment are designed to suit the collective need. On an open playground, kids can play together irrespective of their abilities and disabilities. If you find it difficult to source the suitable preschool playground equipment, Internet is the best option. You can get best deals at affordable price, best designs and of superior quality.