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Monday, July 22, 2013

Setting up an Indoor Playground

No doubt outdoor playground equipment is fun but one can’t deny the fact that the indoor counterparts are equally important. Who does not want his kids to have a healthy mind along with a healthy body? Hence kids' psyche must be properly understood for providing them with the right kind of playground equipment.

Some people are so much so in love with their childhood memories that they look forward to setting up an indoor playground center as a business venture. It may seem kids' fun but mind it, a commercial indoor playground center requires a whole lot of brain storming before taking a final shape. We have clubbed some points to consider before you finally give a go to your new venture.

Make up your mind for the size of your indoor playground center. The factory size varies according to the target age group. For instance, if you are planning a playground for 0 to 5 years kids, your factory could be as small as 400 square meter. If you are planning to have a factory for all age group, it needs a minimum area of 650 square meter. In terms of height, a toddler playground can be as high as 4-6 m while an all age group center may demand up to 7-10 m high space.

Once done with the space, the second most important factor is budget. On a frank note, nobody can provide you with a correct estimate. However, roughly it may cost around $500 per square meter. The prices may vary depending on the fitting. For a better idea, one may refer to a catalog to determine more accurate size versus cost ratio.

Look for a proper location, probably a lower economic growing area would do good as the number of children there is comparatively high. Do not forget to get a car park area too.

Cafeteria, toilets, party rooms and air conditioners are next crucial aspects. The cost of establishing the center should not reflect on the food you serve. The meal is ought to be tasty, good quality yet economic.

When you own a play center, you need to have a staff too. Make sure that the people you hire are polite and good to children. Also make sure that your indoor playground center is neat and clean. Nobody will leave their children to a place full of filth.

While designing your indoor playground make sure you pick up some really attractive equipment. Have more of skating space and make sure that you set up play systems in such a manner that parents can view their children directly.

Be happy, warm and friendly and we are sure your customers will repay you the same.

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