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Monday, March 11, 2013

Advantages of Recycled Rubber Mulch

As the risk of getting injured is high on playgrounds, it is essential for owners to cover the park surface with the high quality playground mulch to be sure of kids' safety. There are different types of mulch including pea gravel and engineered wood fiber available in the market. Among all the playground surfacing options, a majority of people prefer to install recycled rubber mulch in their playgrounds.

It is prepared with used materials like cycled tubes, van tyres, rubber pipes etc. These rubber products are recycled in order to remove imperfections and impurities. The obtained rubber is further de-vulcanized and shredded for making recycled rubber mulch.

Recycled mulch is considered to have an edge over other playground surfacing options. It provides cushioning surface to kids and negates the risk of any kind of injury due to fall from playground equipment. It is impact resistant and durable in nature. Moreover, this mulch is totally bacteria free and does not allow the growth of weed and spread of rodent on the surface.

This mulch is widely acknowledged for its ability to absorb moisture up to any extent. You would be astonished to know that the life expectancy of recycled mulch is twice as long as the regular playground surfacing options.

Infact, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States also support recycled rubber mulch as it is eco-friendly.

Tips for Buying Swing Sets

If you are looking to buy play equipment for your park then we would advise you to choose a strong and sturdy swing set for your playground. It has always been the favorite equipment of children. There are many brands offering swing sets to the customers at great prices. Before placing your hand on any, consider certain things that would lead you to the right equipment for the kids.

Before looking out for a swing set, measure the area where you will install it in the playground. This will provide you an idea of what type of swing set be appropriate, leaving the adequate space for the kids to perform other activities.

Materials like metal and wood are commonly used for making the swing sets. No matter which swing set you choose, make sure it can easily withstand the adverse weather conditions. The swing set should be strong and can stand firmly in the ground for years on end. Manufacturers usually make the swing sets in flat base and A frame base. You can choose the equipment as per the slope of your playground.

Buy the swing from the IPEMA certified manufacturer. Ensure that the equipment you are selecting has been constructed as per the guidelines defined by ASTM and CPSC. There should be essential anchors installed in the requisite places in the play set for the safety of kids.

It would be wise to purchase the equipment from the supplier who also offers high quality swing set accessories to the customers.

Installing the Backyard Equipment

It's great that you have made your backyard a private playground for your children. But your job does not end here. To make sure your kids enjoy the most in the backyard, you need to take the time out for installing the play sets correctly. Though the task is quite fuzzy, but below provided tips would let you set up the playground equipment in the right place.

Begin with leaving at least six foot zone in all the directions of the play equipment. It is important to keep the surrounding area clear and free of obstacle like bushes, fences or any hard surface as these raise the risk of injury to kids.

Usually play sets are offered with the step by step installation guide, making it easier for you to install. However, you need to ensure that the play set is not wobbling but standing firmly on the ground. For the safety of the kids, you can install non-skid strips at the areas where a better grip is required. Add high quality bumper pads to cushion the corners of the playground equipment.

Covering the play set with a shade structure is another step that you can take for providing safe playing environment to kids. It would protect the children from harmful UV rays from the sun.

You can also install high quality rubber mulch in your backyard playground. It is highly effective in reducing the risk of getting injured as mulch provide cushioning surface.

Tips for purchasing Backyard Equipment

It is a great idea to convert your backyard into the private playground for kids. However, to make it more interesting, you need to add a couple of play sets that can provide non- stop hours of fun to your children. It's okay if you have not purchased any playground equipment before. We are here with certain things that would help you in selecting the apt play set for backyard.

There are different types of play equipment like dome climber, play house, slides, swing sets etc. available in the market. All these play sets are hit in the backyard. However, you need to focus on the material used for constructing these if you are looking for the play set that is also safe for kids.

It should be made of superior quality material be it wood, plastic or metal. As it has to be placed outside, it should easily withstand adverse weather conditions. Besides, you must look for an IPEMA certified manufacturer for purchasing the equipment. An IPEMA certificate is provided to the manufacturer who sells superior grade play equipment to the customers at great prices.

Before making the final call, ensure that the equipment you are opting for is constructed in adherence with the guidelines defined by CPSC and ASTM. It should also include essential anchors installed at the requisite place.

Do measure the area where you will install the indoor play equipment. By this, you would know what type of equipment would suit the best in the area.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Guide for Buying Backyard Playground Equipment

No doubt, selecting playground equipment for the backyard is quite a daunting task. To make it simpler for you, we are here with certain factors that you must consider before laying your hand on any play set.

You would find different types of play equipment like see saws, dome climber, play house, swing sets etc. that are hit in the backyard playground. Do not purchase any one of them blindly. Instead, check the material used in manufacturing the play sets. It should be of superior quality, durable and can easily withstand adverse weather conditions.

Make sure you deal with the manufacturer who has International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) certification. This means he offers only superior quality play sets to the customers. Before making the final call, ensure that the equipment you are selecting has been constructed in accordance with the guidelines defined by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Buy the play set that is not only entertaining but is also safe for children. Therefore, you must go with the one installed with essential anchors including bars and hinges.

Placing high quality rubber mulch beneath the play equipment is yet another step that you can take to be sure of kids’ safety. Mulch prevents the risk of getting injured due to falls from the play set. Besides, you can also look for different shade structures that are widely used by parents to cover the equipment in the backyard.