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Monday, July 22, 2013

Keeping Children Hydrated On Playgrounds In Summer

Summer holidays, longer days, warmer temperatures, less tight schedules and the playground, this is what a perfect setting for children requires. Summers let families spend more time together playing outdoors. The importance of playing outdoor has been discussed over and over. Almost everyone knows that play is good for health, both mental and physical. Now we will consider some other important aspects of keeping fit while playing out in sun.

Playing outdoor does contribute a lot in shaping up your child's personality but continues exposure to UV rays in sun and getting dehydrated subconsciously may take a toll on your ward's health. As adults, it is our duty to make sure that our children hydrated and energized while out in sun.

Children often do not realize or ignore the urge of having water while playing. All they know is thirst, but by the time they feel thirsty, they already lose a lot of fluids. In this write-up, we have mentioned some tips to keep your children cool and hydrated on the playground.

  1. Do not forget to carry water along. Most of the parks and playgrounds do have drinking water facilities and fountains but it would be better not to rely on them totally. On an average, one must consume 12 ounces of water per hour. But if it is a sunny day, or your kid happens to be really active, take extra water with you.
  2. Resting in shade and taking breaks is another good idea of escaping from excess heat. Look for shaded areas on the playground or look for parks that have shaded play systems to keep your kids cooler during play.
  3. With so much of physical activity, children are likely to feel hungry. If you pack snacks along, try and take hydrating fruits like cucumbers, strawberries, watermelon, pears, oranges and apples. They are healthy, refreshing and full of fluids in comparison to potato chips and wafers.
  4. It is advisable to go to the playground when the sun is not overhead. Got to the playground before 10:00 am or after 4:00 pm.
  5. Last but not the least, always apply sun screen before stepping out in.
  6. Choose commercial playground equipment which has a sun shade.

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