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Monday, December 3, 2012

Safety Tips for Kids in the Playground

Playgrounds are created to provide non-stop hours of fun to kids. It becomes quite a challenging job for the parents to keep their kids disciplined on the playground. This raises the risk of getting injured. Like every parent, you also want your children to be safe while they are enjoying on the play sets. Here are certain tips that you should follow to keep the kids safe in the playground.

1. Kids should wear essential safety gear such as helmets or knee-pads when riding a bicycle or roller skating in the park.

2. Make the children play on the equipment which is age appropriate for them.

3. Ensure that they wear tennis shoes with slip-proof bottoms instead of going open toes to the playground.

4. Do not let the kids play in public sandbox. It usually becomes a breed ground for hazards and bacteria.

5. Do not take your kids to playground wearing drawstrings, hoods or loose-fitting clothes. These may get entangled in the play equipment and raise the risk of strangulation.

6. Public playgrounds may have broken glass pieces and garbage. Do not let your kids play near such hazardous places.

7. Consider that there is not pointy edge on the play set before letting your kids play on it.

8. Children's playground equipment can be riddled with germs. Make the kids wash their hands properly after returning back to home.

It would be wide to visit the playground that is covered with superior quality rubber mulch rather than a park, which has concrete, asphalt or dirt surface beneath the play sets.

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