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Friday, May 17, 2013

Indoor v/s Outdoor Playground Equipment

Playground equipment is of two types – Indoor and Outdoor. Both have their own advantages and dis-advantages. It's up to you that which one you prefer for your children. But one thing is for sure that your children will enjoy a lot spending time at the playground equipment, whether it is indoor or outdoor. Indoor equipment includes indoor slides, climbing decks, indoor tubes for crawling, etc. On the other hand, outdoor equipment includes swing set, seesaw, merry-go-round, chin-up bars, jungle gym, overhead ladder, etc.

Here are some of the points differentiating between indoor and outdoor playground equipment:

Children's safety is the most important thing, where the parents can never compromise. Indoor equipment is safer as compared to the outdoor equipment. As they are installed in the homes or schools, parents or teachers can have a constant supervision on them. It will protect them from a serious injury. Contrary to it, it might not be possible to always keep an eye on the children playing at the outdoor locations.

On the other hand, outdoor playground will give children a wide area to play. Children can enjoy more and can also interact with a number of other children, which might not be possible with the indoor equipment as the space is not sufficient for too many children.

Indoor equipment will protect the children from outside hazards such as harmful ultra-violet rays, heavy rains, etc. On the other hand, if you want to go for the outdoor equipment, make sure to purchase a quality shade structure that will protect the kids from such hazards.

It is often seen that children get injuries by falling from the equipment. But if you will go for the indoor equipment, there will be a less possibility that children will get serious injuries as such equipment usually doesn’t have much height. But if you want to go for the outdoor equipment, make sure that there should be a proper surfacing. Quality rubber play mulch will keep your children safe even if they fall from the equipment.

Now, it's up to you, whether you want to go for indoor playground equipment or outdoor playground equipment. But before purchasing any equipment such as play slide, seesaw, outdoor wooden benches, indoor slides, etc., make sure to search extensively so as to ensure that you are making a right deal with a right person.

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