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Monday, September 23, 2013

Keeping Physical Activity Fun

With all of the technology that is on the market, it can be hard to get children away from the television and outside to play. Children often view physical activity as work. Even for adults the idea of exercising sometimes does not seem appealing. That makes it even harder for kids to be active when we aren't always their best role models.

There are many ways to keep physical activity fun! In a recent article from the Reynoldsburg News, a paraprofessional from Slate Ridge Elementary School, Vincent Van Slyke, provides a more structured recess environment. These recesses include structured games of kickball, soccer, hopscotch, and more! Van Slyke does not require children to participate, but encourages them. He even plays along with the kids! The school is seeing more and more kids encouraging their friends to join Van Slyke's games, and even starting games of their own.

Van Slyke and other members of the Reynoldsburg Schools community have noticed that children are more likely to play when adults are playing along, rather than just supervising.

Other ways to keep physical activity fun can be found in this article on our website. Not only will you find tips on keeping activity fun, but you will find benefits of physical activity as well.

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