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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

10 Surefire Ways to Foster Creativity in Your Children

(CREDIT: Photo by humbert15 (Flickr))

For children, creativity can be everything. As a parent, I always found it to be important to give my children the opportunity to be creative. To do that, sometimes it takes work on your part to inspire them. Children can certainly be imaginative enough on their own, but sometimes, it can take your guidance to get them on the right track with whatever idea they may have. Encourage your children to think creatively!

If you're stuck for ideas on how to foster creativity in your children, I'm here to help. Based on some of my past experiences as a mother, here are some ways that you can help get that creativity flowing in the right direction for your children!

  1. Give an "A" for Effort: It's important to applaud the efforts of your children over the outcomes. Sometimes, your children may struggle when working on a project of some sort, all while using their imagination. With that said, sometimes whatever project they're working on may not come out and be completed as they originally planned, and that's fine. Always be sure to applaud their effort. This will encourage them to keep going with what they're doing, and once they realize that they can do it, there won't be any turning back.

  2. Be Creative Together: To help instill creativity in your child, it's important to be there with them. Your children will be asking questions, so instead of giving answers such as "I don't know," it's important to sit there with your children and work together. Even if you're not sure about something that your child may ask, find the answer together. Not only will working together help to foster creativity in your child in finding the answer, but it will also help to grow the bond that you have with your children.

  3. Put Away the Electronics: Say "goodbye" to the electronics, and say "hello" to creativity. I'm sure you can all relate, but I can remember back to when I was a child and we expressed our creativity through activities like drawing, building things, and playing outside, for example. Today, we're living in a digital age where video games and other electronics hold prominence. However, remember that they don't have to. Television is fine in small doses, but don't let it consume your child's life. Let them get creative in more fun, natural ways.

  4. Take a Step Back: While it's important to be creative together, it's also important that you give your child their own space. We discussed how it's important to be creative together, and it is, but let your children come up with their own ideas as well. It's important to steer them and their creativity in the right direction every once in a while, but let them have their fun and enter a world of imagination.

Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." This is true, so from an early age, it's important to help instill creativity in your children. How do you help to instill creativity in your children? Share your story below with myself and other readers!

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