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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Moms, Assemble! 9 Ways That Moms Are Just Like The Avengers

Photo by marvelousRoland (Flickr)

As a mom, do you ever feel like you're being threatened into extinction by evil forces like "What's for dinner?" or a dozen after school activities? Don't worry, you got this! I've got some fantastic news: You are more mighty than the Avengers! While you may not be superhuman, you are fueled by the most supreme power source in the universe: LOVE! Here is how you match up to each Avenger:

Captain America

Just like Captain America, you have leadership and tactical skills that help you plan, juggle, and navigate a million different things and get everybody where they need to go. And don't forget: you're like a protective and impenetrable shield. Nothing harmful, including germs, cyberbullies, or the bogeyman, can get close to your kids. Plus, your motherly love is capable of rallying your family's spirit no matter the obstacle!

Iron Man

Whether you're dressed sharp in a tailored pantsuit or easygoing in yoga pants, you're equipped to make things happen. Instead of an Arc Reactor palladium core, you are sustained by the most fearsome and everlasting source: a mother's heart! Your dedication and resourcefulness help you neutralize hungry tummies, sleepless nights, and last minute science fair projects. Plus, it takes a brilliant scientist like yourself to concoct the perfect formula of foods to suit your child's picky taste!


The mighty Asgardian god Thor has his trusty hammer Mjolnir to wreak havoc on wrongdoers. In our corner, we've got willpower. This willpower pushes us through the trenches of exhaustion and the perils of the school pick-up line. We may sometimes feel powerless against the coffee-jolted whirlwind that is parenthood, and that's okay. We know that despite the dizzy fatigue and gross substances, raising a child is more dazzling than Bifröst.


I know you don't like to admit it, but parents sometimes have to get loud like Hulk to be heard, especially when it comes to providing for your kids, protecting your darlings, or righting an injustice. Remember this superhero the next time you have to disagree with a childcare provider, address an unbalanced policy at school, or convince your kids to clean up their toys. While you'll never turn green, you sometimes need to call on your inner Hulk when you face a problem that requires a hard fix, and that's okay!


"Clint" Barton was raised in a circus, and as parents, we can almost imagine what that was like. What Hawkeye lacks in superhuman strength, he makes up in sharp thinking and inventiveness. Whatever the situation, you are on target. You dip and duck through appointments, deadlines, and dinner plans. With items from your quiver (AKA purse), you can fix any boo-boo, conquer evil spills, and repair broken toys.

Black Widow

Black Widow is the epitome of athleticism, craftiness, and subterfuge. Moms exhibit these traits as they deftly navigate minefields of toys and deliver clutter to its rightful place. With sharp tactical prowess, moms manage to serve dinner, crunch numbers, write theses, juggle deadlines, and tuck kiddos into bed all in the same night. Just like Black Widow reacts flawlessly to exploding environments, you respond to split-second schedule changes with ease thanks to your gifted intellect.

Which Avenger do you most identify with? As a mom, you're a little bit like all of them. So take a minute today, breathe deeply, and remember you've got this! Of course, nobody expects moms to be able to do it all. We're only human, after all! But we have kiddos that we love, and that is the mightiest superpower of all.

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