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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sunny Side Up: 7 Tips for Fostering a Positive Attitude in Kids

Photo by John Morgan (Flickr)

Positive people live longer, experience greater success, and are more resilient than negative people. These are excellent reasons for promoting positivity at home, wouldn't you agree? I know I want my girls to reap the benefits of being positive, so I'm implementing these seven tips into my family life. You can try them, too, as you cultivate positivity in your kids.

1. Joke Around

As a parent, I've found that it's easy to get bogged down with the seriousness of life. My girls sometimes get focused on their problems and stressors, too. In those moments, I try to tell a joke, do a silly dance, or start a tickle fest. In no time, my girls have forgotten whatever was bothering them and we're having fun.

2. Avoid Being a Helicopter Parent

There certainly are dangers in the world today that we want and need to protect our kids from experiencing. Hovering doesn't help, though. It only makes our kids fearful, anxious, and timid. Instead, choose to let your kids explore life on their own terms, within reason, of course. Empower your kids with confidence as you set aside your helicopter-parent tendencies.

3. Establish a Habit of Gratitude

New habits need time to form, and that's why I ask my girls every day to list three things they are grateful for. We use a journal to record our daily happiness. The ritual has become something we all look forward to at bedtime, and it promotes positivity and gratitude.

4. Be a Positivity Role Model

I know it's easy for parents to be pessimistic, angry, or cranky, but in environments charged with negative emotions, kids tend to be negative and experience behavioral problems. Take time to deal properly with your negative emotions as you strive to be a positive role model to your kids.

5. Promote Positive Self-Talk

Think about the words you say to yourself when you're stressed, disappointed, or upset. If you don't embrace positive self-talk, your kids probably don't, either. Try cutting yourself some slack and looking for the positive. Encourage your kids to also point out what they do well or the good things that happened to them that day. You won't change into a Positive Patty overnight, but promoting positive self-talk will have a good impact on your kids' outlook.

6. Prioritize Play

If you can't remember the last time you played with your kids, make it a priority today. Grab Hula-Hoops, go for a walk, or play a board game for at least 15 minutes. Mindful play activities like these are good exercise and can ward off depression. Plus, they make fun memories and give our kids something positive to look forward to each day.

7. Don't Demand Perfection

Mistakes are part of life, but how often do you freak out about a spilled cup or missed homework assignment? I know I have to catch myself from being hard on my girls, so I'm trying hard to accept mistakes rather than demand perfection. As I relax, my girls can relax and realize that they are capable, confident, and spectacular kids.

Positive people energize me! Do you feel the same way? Then let's implement these seven tips and help our kids become positive people. Whether you play a game, let go of mistakes, or give them some room to explore life, you're investing in their positivity. That's a good thing!

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