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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Beat the Heat! 9 Fun Ways to Cool Off and Keep Playing

Photo by Jaume Escofet (Flickr)

Summer weather has arrived, and that means it's sunny and hot! What do your kids do to stay cool? Instead of playing video games inside all day, beat the heat with these nine activities. They're fun and help your entire family stay cool all summer.


My girls would love to have a pool in our backyard! But since we don't, we head to the local pool or the YMCA for a fun afternoon of swimming fun. You could also check out local swimming spots where it's legal to cool off and have fun. Don't forget the sunscreen!

Toss Water Balloons

At the store last month, I stocked up on balloons. Now, my girls and I fill a bucket of water balloons and have a cool blast tossing them at each other. If you try this fun summer activity, remember to clean up the balloon pieces when you're done, or you could use wet sponges instead of balloons.

Make Slushies

My girls love cold ice water on hot summer days, but I like to mix things up sometimes with fresh slushies. We mix ingredients like fruit, honey, yogurt, and mint or whatever we have on hand into tasty and cool treats that also help us stay hydrated as we play in the sun.

Bob for Fruit

If you thought fruit-bobbing was a Halloween activity, think again! We set up a few big tubs on our deck and bob for apples, oranges, and grapes. It's fun and refreshing for the whole family, and we all love snacking on the fruit when we're done playing.

Turn On a Sprinkler

Whether you buy a sprinkler or turn a two-liter bottle into a homemade sprinkler, your family can have fun running and playing all summer. We like to play games in the sprinkler, too, like Simon Says, Freeze Tag, and the Hokey Pokey, as we have fun outdoors.

Freeze Your Tees

Your freezer can do more than provide refreshing ice cubes. Soak T-shirts in water, wring them out, lay them flat, layer them between waxed paper, and freeze them. Then, give each person a frozen shirt, race outside, and see who can manage to put theirs on the fastest.

Make Freeze Pop Sabers

Every summer, I buy freeze pops by the case. My girls love them, and they're a low-calorie way to stay cool and refreshed. I found a cute template that turns normal freeze pops into light sabers, and my girls are thrilled! They can play with their faux sabers and then enjoy an icy treat.

Play With Super Soakers

The next time you head to your local big-box store, grab a few Super Soakers. They're a blast to play with in your backyard as a family or with the entire neighborhood.

Splash in the Tub

Sometimes, the temperature rises so high that it's unsafe to be outside. On those days, I send my girls to the tub. They can splash, play, and have fun in the water without risking heat stroke.

Hot summer days are here, but you and your family can stay cool. Drink plenty of fluids, wear sunscreen and protective layers, and try one of these nine activities as you beat the heat. Which one will you enjoy with your family today?

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