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Monday, October 3, 2016

10 Simple Ways to Thank a Teacher

Photo by US Department of Education (Flickr)

Teachers work long hours as they teach, counsel, and inspire our children to succeed. I know I rely on my girls' teachers a great deal! Whether your kids are in elementary school, junior high, or high school, say "thank you" to their teachers in 10 simple ways.

Buy a Book

Book fairs are popular school fundraisers, so ask your teacher to create a wish list and buy a book or two from it as a thank-you gift. Include a handmade bookmark saying, "In my book, you're the best!"

Choose a Gift Card

Does your child's teacher like coffee, movies, or clothing? Give them a gift card to a restaurant, store, or mall. Teachers also appreciate gift cards to craft, office supply, and educational supply stores.

Volunteer in the Classroom

Most teachers appreciate extra help in the classroom. When possible, I try to volunteer for class parties, field trips, and other events. It's a small gesture many teachers appreciate.

Write an Appreciative and Honest Note

Years ago, my daughter's kindergarten teacher showed me a box of notes and drawings he had received over the years. They reminded him of why he teaches and prompted us to start a family tradition of writing a personalized letter to each teacher. It includes what my girls liked best about the class, what they learned, and other special memories from the year.

Give a Plant

Thank your child's teacher for helping them bloom when you give flowers. This token of appreciation can be a live bouquet, bulbs, herbs, or a potted plant in a personalized container.

Buy Classroom Supplies

At the beginning of the school year, my girls sometimes bring home a list of classroom supplies their teacher needs. I'm happy to fill a bag with pencils, tissues, and hard candy as I support the teachers and give a small gift that shows my appreciation.

Supply Healthy Snacks

According to my teacher friends, they sometimes are so busy that they don't eat lunch. Fuel your kids' teachers with a supply of healthy snacks. Granola, dried fruit, nuts, whole-grain crackers, and bottled water are a few suggestions.

Create a Handmade Gift

Do you or your child have a special talent? Knit a blanket, paint a picture frame, or build a birdhouse as you use your talents to create a handmade, one-of-a-kind thank-you gift.

Give to Charity in the Teacher's Name

My older daughter's phys ed teacher ran a half marathon this year to raise awareness for breast cancer. We made a donation in her name to thank her for being a positive role model. You, too, can donate to a charity in your teacher's name and support their favorite cause.

Just Say "Thank You"

Never underestimate the act of a heartfelt verbal "thank you." I encourage my girls to say "thank you" often, and I end every email I send to my daughter's teachers with those two words. I hope they convey my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the positive effect teachers have on my girls.

Teachers give our kids the educational tools they need to succeed. Saying "thank you" in these 10 simple ways demonstrates our appreciation. What other teacher appreciation ideas do you have?

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