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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sunshine Within: 10 Ways to Stay Positive During the Winter

Photo by Bina (Flickr)

Winter weather had arrived with a vengeance where I live, and we're bracing for lots of snow. For some reason, the season change messes with my emotions, though. I don't have seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but I do start feeling a little moody and lethargic when cold weather arrives, and my girls get stir-crazy. This year, I decided to find the sunshine within and practice 10 ways to stay positive during the winter.

1. Go on Winter Hikes

Fresh air invigorates and energizes us, and sunlight exposure boosts our vitamin D levels, which helps to regulate mood. Take advantage of these natural benefits when you bundle up the family, grab your snowshoes, and go on a winter hike.

2. Take an Exercise Class

Exercise boosts your mood, relieves tension, strengthens your body, and helps you stay trim all winter. Personally, the girls and I enjoy dancing along to exercise shows on TV, but you can also sign up for a Zumba class at the local YMCA or gym, join a mall walking club, or watch YouTube workout videos.

3. Eat an Upbeat Diet

The foods you eat can affect your mood. Don't believe me? Research shows that an upbeat diet boosts serotonin and levels your blood sugar. Instead of reaching for sugary, fatty foods, eat whole grains, vegetables, proteins, and foods with B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids as you stay positive.

4. Do Puzzles

Beat the winter doldrums when you challenge your mind with puzzles. Crossword and jigsaw puzzles or Sudoku keep your mind active and give you have less time to feel sad.

5. Play in the Snow

So far, we've had minimal snow, but we have our snow attire and boots all ready for the big event! The girls plan to build a snow family, and they've already challenged me to a snowball fight. We'll share tons of fun and giggles as we stay positive and play outdoors together.

6. Clean Your House

Yesterday, I spent 30 minutes cleaning off my desk, and I felt so invigorated! Clutter can affect our mood, so if you're feeling down, take time to clean your house. Consider tackling a room or task like shoes, photos, or crafts each week.

7. Volunteer

It's easy to stay indoors when winter-weather strikes, but I encourage you to get out and help others. Volunteer to lead crafts at a senior center, read to kids at a preschool or the library, or help your neighbors clear their sidewalks. You'll feel more positive as you make a difference in the lives of others.

8. Enjoy a Hobby

I used to dread long, dark winter nights, but this year I'm going to make the most of those evenings and enjoy one of my hobbies. What do you like to do? Crochet a scarf, bake cookies, or create origami animals as you stay active this winter.

9. Schedule a Play Date

Socializing with friends boosts your mood. I know we always feel more upbeat after we spend time with friends, and we commit to planning regular play dates this winter. Host a slumber party for your kids, join a cooking class, or swim at the rec center with your buddies as you play and socialize.

10. Join a Book Club

Engage your mind, socialize with like-minded readers, and enjoy good literature when you join a winter book club. Most libraries offer book clubs for kids and adults or start your own with your neighbors and friends.

Don't let the winter doldrums steal your joy this season. Use these 10 ways to stay positive and find the sunshine within. What other suggestions can we try?

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