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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

6 of the Coolest Parks and Playgrounds in America

Photo by wizardbearr (Flickr)

At our local playground, my girls and I enjoy playing on the swings, monkey bars, and basketball court as we socialize with friends. We love our playground! That's why we're celebrating Take a Walk in the Park Day on March 30. I've discovered six cool parks and playgrounds across America that offer a variety of exciting, educational, and playful attractions. Join us in taking a walk through one of these fun, entertaining, and cool sites with your family this month.

Imagination Playground in New York City

When I think of a playground, I think of play, but kids do so much more than play at Imagination Playground. This New York City attraction is also interactive and minimalist and encourages kids to be active during fantasy and co operative play. Kids discover and imagine as they maneuver, stack, and connect objects like sand, water, blocks, mats, wagons, and fabric. They can also climb, jump, and run. Basically, this outdoor space is a giant playroom that provides hours of engaging, entertaining, and creative fun.

Harry Thomas Sr. Playground

We know that playgrounds are supposed to be fun, but Washington, D.C.'s Harry Thomas Sr. Playground also incorporates math. Its design is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, with curving paths and play equipment shaped in Fibonacci spirals. Other features include a fitness loop, rain gardens, basketball and tennis courts, and a shaded picnic area. Visitors also appreciate the community gardens and ADA-accessible walking paths. Kids can play, learn, and socialize while enjoying this pretty and cool playground in our nation's capital.

Woodland Discovery Playground

When designing the Woodland Discovery Playground in Memphis, Tennessee, its creators asked kids for input. The result? A fun and innovative playground! It's divided into six play nests connected via ivy-covered walkways, and visitors play together with slides, sand, tree houses, climbing nets, an open grassy lawn with picnic tables, and more. In addition to the play focus and ADA play elements, I appreciate that the playground is certified by the Sustainable Sites Initiative to meet stringent international standards for play.

City Museum

Talk about a playground designed for creativity, adventure, and learning! City Museum provides all of these features and more. It's housed in a 600,000-square-foot St. Louis, Missouri, building and includes dozens of attractions, many of which are made from reclaimed building materials such as chimneys, tiles, and bridges. During your visit, ride a 10-story spiral into the building's basement, play in the giant tree house, or ride in the 30-foot Ferris wheel on the roof. You can also crawl inside two airplanes, swing on a rope swing, and explore a series of underground tunnels as you enjoy one of the most eclectic playgrounds in the country.

Neptune Park

My girls can't wait to visit Neptune Park in Saratoga Springs, Utah, and climb the largest play pyramid in the country! It's 30 feet, or over two stories, tall, is made from metal, and includes rope netting for safety. But the pyramid is only one feature of the 10-acre park. Swing on the teeter-totter swing and regular swings, make friends on the toddler and older kids' playgrounds, and climb a crazy rock wall. You can also play Frisbee, basketball, or soccer, explore nature, and dine in the large pavilion or open air when you visit this unique park.

Encanto Park

Located a few blocks from Central Phoenix, Arizona, Encanto Park offers 222 acres of fun for kids and adults. Enjoy nature walks on the trails, go swimming in the pool, or share a picnic. Visitors may also go fishing, canoeing, or paddle-boating and observe waterfowl and ducks in the lagoon. The park also includes a playground, two golf courses, and an amusement park plus a sports complex where you can play softball, volleyball, basketball, racquetball, handball, and tennis. Encanto means "enchanted" in Spanish, and this park certain lives up to its name, in my opinion!

Are you ready for a different play experience? Try one of these six playgrounds. They're innovative, fun, and engaging for kids of all ages. Which one will you visit this month?

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