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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

9 Benefits of Playing on Swings for Children

Photo by tanakawho (Flickr)

There's no other feeling in the world quite like swinging. From the moment we sit down on the swing until we feel ourselves flying through the air as we cling with all our might to the swing's chain, the experience is invigorating and exhilarating. While I loved the swings as a kid, I also love swinging now and encourage my girls to engage in this activity as often as possible, since I know that kids also gain important benefits when they swing.

Swinging Prompts Sensory Integration

The acts of balancing on the seat, pumping their legs, and holding onto the chains as they swing prompt sensory integration development. With sensory integration, our kids' brains can better organize and interpret information, and it lays the groundwork for them to learn and develop more complicated academic, social, and emotional behaviors later in life.

Swinging Stimulates the Brain

The motion of swinging stimulates several different parts of the brain at the same time. These interconnected brain pathways then assist our kids with rhythm, muscle control, and focus.

Swinging Builds Spatial Awareness

As kids decide where to sit on the swing so they don't fall off and balance their bodies as they swing, they build spatial awareness skills. These skills equip our kids to navigate their environment successfully as they differentiate right, left, up, and down, avoid obstacles as they walk, and understand math, science, and other concepts.

Swinging Improves Gross Motor Skills

Our kids walk, run, and jump thanks to their gross motor skills. Swinging can boost your child's gross motor skills as they pump their legs and strengthen their bodies.

Swinging Develops Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills enable our kids to button buttons, hold a pencil, and cut with scissors. Gripping and holding onto the swing chains develops the hand, finger, and arm coordination that's essential for our kids' fine motor skill development.

Swinging Strengthens the Core

I want my girls to have a strong body core, the muscles around their trunk and pelvis, because these muscles are responsible for stability and balance. Plus, a strong core reduces injuries. The repetitive motions of swinging strengthen our kids' cores and give them strong bodies.

Swinging Calms Kids

When my girls were babies, I often took them swinging. The rhythmic motion calmed and relaxed them. Even now, we will take a swing break when we feel frustrated, angry, or stressed, and I can see my girls instantly relax.

Swinging Encourages Social Interaction

Every time we visit the park, at least one other kid wants to swing, so my girls get to make new friends and practice taking turns, sharing, and making small talk. These interactions boost their social skills and prepare them for future social situations.

Swinging Promotes Fun

Swinging is one of the most fun activities on the playground, in my opinion, and my girls agree. They could swing forever and enjoy the time we get to spend together on the swings.

Swinging has always been one of my favorite playground activities. It offers many benefits to our kids, which makes it an important activity for them, too. Will you join my girls and I and go swinging today?

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