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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

10 Tips for a More Playful and Productive New Year!

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Play time teaches our kids about their world and helps them develop important social, academic, and life skills. Play isn't just for kids, though. It's important for adults, too, since it increases our relaxation, joy, productivity, and fulfillment. This year, we can implement ten tips that enhance our lives, help us play more, and make 2019 a more playful and productive year.

Enroll in a Fun Class

I've always wanted to take a Zumba class because it looks like fun and is good exercise. This year, I'm putting aside all my excuses and have enrolled in a Zumba class at our local YMCA. I might even try my hand at fun classes like woodworking or face-painting as I vow to play more.

Adopt a Pet

Pets fill our lives with play, love, and activity. Consider adopting a pet into your family, and enjoy all of the benefits this new addition brings to your home.

Use a Brain-Training App

Our marvelous brains can change and adapt as we exercise them. I found a few fun brain-training apps like Lumosity, Happify, and Peak that I plan to use this year as I play and learn.

Make Art

Coloring, writing, making music, and engaging in other art activities boost our creativity, dexterity, and mood. Since art offers us a fun way to play and improve productivity, I assembled a craft box filled with supplies I can create with after dinner, on weekends, or whenever I want to unwind.

Learn a New Game or Sport

A new game or sport can jump-start our physical and brain health. I'm excited to start line dancing, go hiking, and learn new card games as I relax and have fun.

Tell Funny Jokes and Stories

Laughter is amazing medicine! It lightens our mood, reduces stress, and improves our heart health. For these reasons, I'm eager to smile, be silly, and laugh more often throughout the day. I've already learned a few new jokes to share with friends and coworkers, and I added more comedians to my social media feeds.

Meet New Friends

I set a goal to meet one new person each day in 2019. New friends teach us things, and meaningful conversations stretch our minds.

Spend Time With Kids

The next time you spend time with children, observe their behavior. Kids accomplish a ton of objectives as they play and have fun. I always feel more relaxed, energized, and calm as I play with my kids, too, which is why I resolve to spend more time around children this year.

Be Grateful

Recording the things we're grateful for can make us more content, happier, and productive. I started a gratitude journal and plan to write at least three things I'm happy for each day. This practice helps me look for blessings, joy, and fun in my life.

Schedule Downtime

It's easy to say that we want to play more, but this goal won't happen unless we intentionally put play on our daily calendar. We have to schedule downtime and plan to daydream, be creative, and play every day. So far, I've scheduled play breaks before work, during my lunch break, and after dinner, and I'm excited to see the results of my intentional play time.

This year can be more playful and productive. I plan to achieve this goal by implementing these ten tips. How will you be more playful and productive in 2019?

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