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Saturday, March 2, 2019

10 Excellent Educational YouTube Channels for Children

Photo by Tony Alter (Flickr)

Watching YouTube is a popular pastime at my house. My girls use it to research interesting topics, like how to dribble a soccer ball faster or how to create funky hairstyles. They also watch videos related to what they learn about in school, such as how the government works or what their body's nervous system does. While I understand the value of YouTube, I also know how important it is to monitor the content our kids watch and make sure they stick to safe, trustworthy sources. That's why I've put together this list of ten excellent educational channels that are appropriate for children.

Baby Einstein

To cultivate curiosity in toddlers, turn on the Baby Einstein channel. Videos of varying length use catchy music, entertaining puppets, and playful imagery to introduce colors, shapes, and language. I even find myself excited to learn when I watch this channel.


Preschoolers will sing and dance along with the interactive videos they view on HooplaKidz. The characters introduce kids to nursery rhymes, good conduct, and vocabulary, and all of the content is child-friendly.

PBS Kids

I always feel safe letting my girls watch the positive and non-violent PBS Kids YouTube channel. While introducing kids to different cultures and positive role models, this channel's videos also encourage our kids to think critically, be kind, and exercise their imaginations. Toddlers, preschoolers, and even elementary-aged kids can learn and grow thanks to this educational content.

Nat Geo Wild

While washing dishes last night, my girls and I watched a few birds checking out our backyard bird feeder. My girls then spent an hour learning about birds with this National Geographic YouTube channel. Perfect for animal-lovers, this channel also educates kids about animal behavior and habitats around the world.

What Do We Do All Day?

Our kids discover STEAM activities, including arts, crafts, experiments, and puzzles, on the What Do We Do All Day? channel. The short, creative videos inspire my girls to exercise their creativity and have fun as they learn.

Rock 'N Learn

Several of my teacher friends use the Rock 'N Learn channel in their classrooms because it offers entertaining and educational content. Kids through fifth grade can learn songs in different languages, discover science facts, and review reading and math concepts while having fun.

The Backyard Scientist

Kids can discover really cool science experiments that involve unusual materials like molten aluminum and flaming arrows when they watch The Backyard Scientist. Each short video is truly fascinating to watch.


My girls like hip-hop music, and that's why Flocabulary is one of their favorite YouTube channels. It uses music and animation to teach kids about academic topics and social skills, including anxiety management. We often watch these videos together and continue singing the information long after the video ends.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a resource my girls use often to boost their understanding of math, science, grammar, history, economics, arts, and humanities. As you can see, this channel includes tons of content! With a mission to provide everyone with free education, Khan Academy videos are accessed each month by 15 million people around the world.


Sometimes, my girls and I watch a TED-Ed video before dinner and discuss the content as we eat. The majority of the TED-Ed videos introduce quirky ideas or riddles that spark thoughtful conversation and stretch our kids' thinking.

If your kids are into YouTube like mine are, introduce them to these ten excellent educational channels. Entertaining and suitable for kids, each channel helps our children learn and expands their knowledge and worldview. What are your kids' favorite educational YouTube channels?

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