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Friday, August 16, 2019

It's National Dance Day! Here are 10 Benefits of Dancing for Kids

Get your dancing shoes on, people! National Dance Day is just around the corner. Celebrated on the third Saturday of every September, it lands on September 21st this year and I'm all ready to boogie down. Now, my kids have never really been dancers, but I am excited to take this opportunity to share with them the world of dance and the benefits of moving their bodies to the beat.

I loved dance as a kid. The buns, the costumes, the pride I felt as I mastered new skills and combinations. Sadly, this mama lost a little bit of her grove with age and I'm pretty rusty. But that hasn't dampened my love of the art. Maybe it's the music, or the endorphins, or the feeling of muscles stretching and strengthening. Whatever it is, dance feels good to me. It has a ton of other important benefits, too, that can benefit our kiddos.

Dance to Improve Health

Dancing improves physical health, stamina, coordination and balance, flexibility, and posture. It also strengthens muscles and increases flexibility. Whether your kids are jete-ing in ballet class or poppin' and lockin' in a hip hop class, they're getting their heart pumping and having fun doing it. It's exercise that doesn't necessarily feel like exercise and sometimes that's all that's needed to engage kids and encourage them to be active.

Dance for Personal Development

Dancing can be a solo or group activity, depending on the type. Square dancing, ballroom dancing, and sometimes ballet, for example, require a dance partner. This forced socialization helps our kids to practice interacting in close proximity with their peers. Dance styles that may not require a partner are still typically taught in a group setting, encouraging interaction and offering kids the opportunity to build friendships. Teamwork is also a big part of dance, especially when practicing for recitals or competitions. Likewise, trust and cooperation can be cultivated through dance.

Dance to Develop Character

Dance can help our kids develop character, in a similar way that organized sports can. Dancing requires commitment, focus, and discipline. The time and energy required to learn and master new moves can pay off with applause when kids put in the time and commit to giving their dance routines their all. Kids with the drive and commitment to developing their craft might even earn the opportunity to try out for competition teams and professional dance companies at both the local and national level.

Dance to Shine with Confidence

The learning, growth, and development involved in dance can give tiny dancers the confidence they need to succeed in many different capacities. Be it on stage or in the classroom, dancing is a great way to instill in our children that they can do anything, as long as they are willing to put in the time and practice to reach their goals. It takes courage for kids to step onto a stage and showcase what they've learned and practiced to near perfection. Digging deep and finding that courage may give them the skills needed to do other hard or intimidating things with confidence.

What is National Dance Day?

Celebration National Dance Day Your Way

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