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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

9 Benefits of Snowshoeing for the Whole Family

Photo by skeeze (pixabay)

No matter how much your family loves outdoor activities, finding ways to get outside and stay active in the winter can be challenging for people who live in colder, snowier climates. After all, you can't exactly spend a weekend swimming at the lake in the middle of January, and in some places, even jogging can be hazardous. That's why my family decided to take up snowshoeing. It's a winter sport that's good for most ages, from elementary-aged children on up, and it's a great way to get the whole family outside. Check out these reasons why you should strap on some snowshoes this year!

Snowshoeing Is Beginner-Friendly

Photo by Simon (pixabay)

If you can walk, you can snowshoe: You just need warm winter gear and snowshoes. There are three different types: recreational hiking snowshoes, racing or fitness snowshoes, and backcountry hiking snowshoes. Recreational snowshoes are best for beginners.

It's Environmentally Friendly

Photo by skeeze (pixabay)

Walking through the snow can damage the vegetation under the snow. However, when you're snowshoeing in areas with a good snowfall, a careful snowshoer will not cause damage. Also, you'll be breaking up the snow and creating trails that can help animals to move about in the winter more easily.

It's Great Exercise

Photo by adege (pixabay)

Snowshoeing is almost the perfect workout: It requires agility, balance, cardio, endurance, and strength. It also gets you and your family outside and moving around during the winter doldrums instead of sitting on the couch.

Getting Out in the Winter Is Good for Your Health

Photo by kigapaed (pixabay)

Getting outside has physical and mental benefits. People who spend time outdoors have lower stress levels and an overall happier outlook. Getting outside in the winter is hard, but snowshoeing makes getting out in your favorite outdoor spots easier when the snow is thick on the ground.

Snowshoeing Helps You Fight Obesity

Photo by StockSnap (pixabay)

Between the lower rate of outdoor activity in the winter and the natural inclination to eat more heavy, fatty foods in cold weather, it's easy to start gaining a little weight. You don't want to negatively impact your kids' body image or relationship with food by harping on counting calories, but you do want to help them fend off the threat of obesity. Snowshoeing lets you focus on having fun while still burning around 600 calories an hour.

It's a Quiet Activity

Photo by NadineDoerle (pixabay)

Sometimes, it's nice to just slow down and enjoy the quiet. Silence can be hard to come by when you have kids running around the house, but snowshoeing in the stillness of nature can be a nice, quiet, meditative activity. The snow dampens noise, and you'll find that the world sounds quite different when it's covered with snow.

It Lets You See Remote Places

Photo by rottonara (pixabay)

I once lived near a lake, and during the summer, some of its islands and inlets were hard to reach. In the winter, though, it was easy to explore all of these areas by walking over the ice and snow on snowshoes. Where snowmobiles don't fit, snowshoes can, so you can explore remote places more easily.

It's a Cure for Cabin Fever

Photo by zoltantot (pixabay)

We all need sunshine, especially in the dark days of midwinter, and snowshoeing is a great way to get outside and fight the winter blahs. Try exploring familiar places in a new way: Check out your own backyard, or go to your neighborhood park and see what it looks like when the slides and swings are buried in snow.

Snowshoeing Is Fun!

Photo by PlanetSportMultiaventura (pixabay)

One of the great things about snowshoeing is that it's something you can all do together as a family. To make it even more fun, try making a scavenger hunt out of it: How many different animals can you spot? Can you find rabbit tracks, or a snapped tree branch that touches the ground, or a frozen puddle? Or maybe you'd rather play I Spy, or listen for birdsong. Either way, it's sure to be a fun family outing.

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