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Monday, November 23, 2020

10 Virtual Field Trips That Are Fun and Educational for Kids

Photo by EdiNugraha (Pixabay)

Louvre Museum

Arguably the most famous art museum on the planet, the Louvre in Paris offers virtual online tours of several of their exhibits. From their display of Egyptian antiquities to their more pop-culture-focused exhibit "Founding Myths: From Hercules to Darth Vader," there's plenty here to appeal to kids with all sorts of interests. You can even learn about the Mona Lisa in virtual reality!

Photo by Spary (Pixabay)

National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art in our nation's capital offers a selection of 50 video tours dedicated to individual works of art on their website. Each looks at a piece of art and the circumstances surrounding its creation, giving you a glimpse into the lives of famous artists.

Photo by Anne Ashley (FreeImages)

Boston Museum of Science

The Museum of Science in Boston is known for being one of the nation's best science museums for kids, and they offer daily live streams as well as several different virtual exhibits, like "The Science Behind Pixar." My girls loved seeing how some of their favorite movies were made!

Photo by Jackmac34 (Pixabay)

Egg Farm Field Trips

Most kids love scrambled eggs, but where do they come from? Check out the American Egg Board's virtual field trips to several different egg farms all over the country, which are tailored to different age levels so both older and younger kids can learn new things.

Photo by James DeMers (Pixabay)

Bright Farms Virtual Field Trip

Learn more about the food we eat by visiting a farm to see how a seed turns into a product on a grocery-store shelf.

Photo by Pexels (Pixabay)

The White House

Narrated by former President Barack Obama, this tour of the White House lets you virtually explore some of the most famous rooms in the presidential home, such as the Situation Room and the Oval Office.

Photo by lchigo121212 (Pixabay)

Buckingham Palace

If your kids like to pretend that they're princesses or even kings and queens, show them a real royal palace online. The official website of Buckingham Palace includes a tour of the home of British royalty, such as the Throne Room and Blue Drawing Room, all in an interactive virtual 3D setting.

Photo by blende12 (Pixabay)

San Diego Zoo

From pandas to polar bears, the San Diego Zoo has live camera feeds for several of their most fascinating animals. Whether your kids are more into tigers, penguins, or koalas, you can see them going about their daily routines here.

Photo by JordyMeow (Pixabay)

Monterey Bay Aquarium

If your family likes sea life, check out this famous aquarium's live camera feed online to see otters, jellyfish, and sharks!

Photo by WikiImages (Pixabay)

The Moon

No matter where you live or where you've already taken your kids, there's one place left to explore: the moon! You don't need a rocket to take a trip into space with this NASA tour of the moon.

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