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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Benefits of Recycled Rubber Mulch

It's great that you are going to turn your backyard into private playground equipment for kids. In this manner, you are also assured about your kids' safety when seeing them playing before your eyes. But before you select any exciting great and fun filled play set for the backyard, you must cover the surface with high quality mulch.

Recycled rubber mulch is the great option, when it comes to cover the backyard playground. It provides cushion surface and reduces the risk of any injury due to falling. Recycled rubber mulch is created after recycling consumed rubber products like van tires, cycle tubes, rubber pipes etc. During recycling process, all the impurities present in consumed rubber products are completely eliminated. The rubber obtained after the process, is shredded and de-vulcanized to acquire recycled rubber mulch.

Environment friendly recycled rubber mulch is extremely durable. Unlike other playground mulch, it sticks to the ground for years on end. As this mulch has high absorbing tendency, it soaks the water quickly and provides non-slippery & dry surface to kids.

This playground safety surfacing prevents the growth of weed underneath the surface. Besides, you can easily clean the mulch with mild soap and water. Knowing the fact that it has longer life than any other mulch, many parents prefer to install recycled mulch in their backyard. Before you choose the one for your backyard, ensure that it is ADA compliant and IPEMA certified.

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