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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Creative Ideas for Playing in the Sandbox

Sandbox is undoubtedly one of the most popular playing areas for kids in the backyard, church, school or daycare playgrounds. Parents, teachers or care givers always set up certain rules regarding play time in the sandbox, which usually include: not throwing the sand around, keeping the toys back in there and most importantly, washing off immediately after coming out of the sandbox. These rules are all fine, but have you ever considered making some rules which will make sandbox more fun?

Yes, you can make the time spent in sandbox even more fun and allow for creative learning as well. Here are some ideas that are easy to implement and make for creative play:
  • Water: Simply add some water to the sand. In fact you can have the kids do it and you will see how much fun they will have creating sand castles and other figures from the wet sand.
  • Treasure Hunts: You can take small toys or animal figurines and hide them in the sand. Give the kids an idea of what all they can find buried in the sand and announce a prize for the kid to unearth the maximum number of toys. See them go wild at digging for each prized animal!
  • Create scenery: Tell them to make a river using tin foil shaped like a tube and take them through the entire process of digging a trench and placing the tube shaped foils in it and then filling the tube with water to make the river flow!
You can help them dig faster by getting them a sand digger and allowing them to be creative while at play.

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