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Thursday, April 21, 2016

5 More Wonderful Play Advocates to Follow on Twitter

Photo by Dan Harrelson (Flickr)

A while back, I wrote a blog post about nine advocates on the playground of social media. It struck a chord with several people who shared how much they appreciated the post. One reader told me after she started following several of the advocates that she and her kids play more every day and are healthier than ever! Another reader said he's become more intentional about playing with his kids.

These encouraging stories made me wonder if maybe other parents and caregivers need a little play inspiration. I did some research and came up with another helpful list. This time, I found five wonderful play advocates. Learn more about them and why you should follow these advocates on Twitter!


As a stay-at-home dad, @procm2 runs a day care. He's around kids all day and encourages the children in his care to play, explore, and experiment. Follow him on Twitter and you'll want to play, too! He always shares and retweets educational articles and inspirational quotes about play that help us become more playful parents and caregivers. His enthusiasm is definitely contagious!


@SaludToday focuses on Latino health. They post about playtime, nutrition, recess, child obesity, and other related topics. While you'll want to read all of the informative posts, be sure to catch the weekly Twitter chat called #SaludTues. It's one of my favorite places to go for lively, insightful discussion. Join in with the volley of shared ideas, tips, and dialogue about how to improve the health of the Latino youth population and kids everywhere!


Find news about different play activities, the reasons why play is important, and different playgrounds around the world when you follow @Pgp_news. Their Twitter updates make finding new play ideas and new places to play easy. I recommend you check out the resources when you need a bit of inspiration or want to find a new play location. It will also remind you that play is indeed alive and thriving in locations across the world!


Nine-time Ironman champ Meredith Kessler runs @Play2Health, an organization dedicated to play and being healthy. On the Twitter feed, you'll find a variety of information on all sorts of things related to kids' health, play time, and active schools. I've discovered insightful tips on why play is important, how play fights childhood obesity, and how play regulates emotions. I encourage every parent and caregiver I know to check it out and learn more about how to prioritize play and health.


A respected Huffington Post blogger, author Rae Pica focuses on children and active learning. She is deeply dedicated to promoting the value of play and encouraging parents, teachers, and caregivers to encourage play. I love that she freely shares her insights and knowledge, so follow her at @RaePica1 and visit her website for information on why play is important and ideas about how you can keep your kids playing.

There's no time like right now to play! Get new ideas, support play initiatives, and have fun when you follow these five wonderful play advocates on Twitter. They influence my life every day, and I'd love to hear how they inspire you to play, too!

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  1. Kim, thanks much for promoting play and for including me on this list! : )