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Friday, June 15, 2012

My First Post as the Playground Extraordinaire

Main Contributor
Hi! I'm Kristen and I am the main contributor to AAA State of Play's Blog. I am fairly new to this industry and look forward to helping you learn about playground equipment!

First, a little about us..

AAA State of Play is an exclusively commercial playground equipment company. Absolutely everything we offer is commercial and follows the standards set forth by the ASTM and CSPC standards. But don't feel like you can't purchase some of our equipment if you are looking for something residential. Most often playground accessories are purchased for homes, such as merry go rounds, swings, or bouncers. Commercial grade equipment is made to last, so you can be assured that you will have your equipment for a long time.

We ship equipment all over the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Mexico and Canada. But we don't stop there! We have had customers in China, Taiwan, and Australia. AAA State of Play is able to ship to any location. Equipment pick ups are also available at our warehouse in Indiana as well as several manufacturer's warehouses across the country. Contact one of our Playground Specialists for more information on pick ups.

Order by phone, fax, email, or purchase order. Visit for more information on ways to order!

Our goal is to use this blog to do more than just inform you of our products. We want to inform you more about the industry itself. In addition to being informative, we want to be fun! Every week we will post a fun video.  We hope to eventually have enough followers on Facebook and Twitter to start hosting contests!

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