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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why Do You Need Playground Mulch?

Every kid loves going to the playground to play with his friends and ride on the swings and slides till the sun comes down. To be sure of your kids' safety during the long hours he or she spends on the playground, you must have mulch placed in the playing area. Mulch allows for better cushioning than sand or grass. Your child plays in a safer environment with high quality playground mulch placed well to protect him. Remember that playground mulch is necessary to make the playground safer for children. It gives kids a wider safe surface to run on and also negates any possibilities of injuries.

Playground mulch is made up of recycled materials and usually has an expected life term of about 20 to 25 years. It is available in a number of forms like -  engineered wood fiber carpet, rubber safety tiles, artificial grass, wooden playground mulch, foam tiles, recycled rubber safety surfacing etc.

By placing the mulch in the community playground or even your own backyard playground you have made for the kids at home, you are ensuring the complete safety for your kids. Another great benefit of mulch is that it prevents the growth of weed and spread of pest in and around the playing area. Playgrounds mulches are less prone to insect infestation and they eradicate the chance of bacterial growth. Playground mulch is not only meant for playgrounds and backyards, you can also use this surfacing option in your garden area, as it provides a clean and attractive look.

Now that you know the necessity and many benefits of playground mulch, it is time you explored our vast range of mulch, which promises durable, safe and maintenance free playground surfaces. At, AAA State of Play we are there to serve you while securing your best interests.

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