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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tea Cup Merry Go Round

Good afternoon! Today's post was going to be a fun video of the AAA State of Play Professional Model, Ryan, testing out a Tea Cup Merry Go Round. However, when we reached the park the Tea Cup was broken and wouldn't spin!

This is a perfect example of why maintenance is so important. That is one piece of equipment that is unable to provide kids with a fun time while they are at the park. Not to mention, something serious could be wrong with it, and kids could get hurt.

All manufacturers recommend yearly maintenance at the very minimum. Ideally, maintenance is done more often. Monthly even. If your playground has wood mulch then maintenance definitely needs to be done monthly. Weekly is even better!

Bottom line is we want kids to be safe while they play. Regular maintenance is one way to assure that you know what is happening at your playground on a regular basis.

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